Umbrella organisations and foundations

Where to start to assess your social impact? These umbrella organisations and foundation can get you started

Some of them can offer you a subscription to Impact Wizard. This will enable you to continue using Impact Wizard after the free trial period. If you are eligible for a subscription from one of our partner organisations, you can contact them directly. 

If you are not connected to any of these organisations, you can buy a year subscription to Impact Wizard for €1000 excl. VAT. To do so, go to My profile > Manage subscription. Smaller organisations and individuals get a discount.

Are you interested in becoming an Impact Wizard partner or in a subscription batch? We offer a package of 10 licences including support for optimal use, starting from €5000 excl. VAT. Drop us a line for more information.

Social Innovation Factory
Phone +32 (0)486 651 008
Expertise Developers of Impact Wizard. Workshops on impact assessment for social entrepreneurs and impact consultants.
Phone +31 6 109 004 03
Subscriptions For social entrepreneurs and organisations with social relevance, operating in healthcare, labour, education, wellbeing, culture, and environment.
Expertise Se.lab develops and stimulates the sector of social enterprises by increasing awareness and knowledge. Se.lab supports social relevant organisations to manage on impact by stimulating impact measurement. Se.lab also stimulates the cooperation and dialogue between social, private and public domain in order to create an inclusive society.
Municipality of Utrecht
Phone +31 (0)30-2862808
Subscriptions For the 10 participants of the pilot project on impact measurement for citizen initiatives 2018
Expertise Facilitating and co-developing impact measurement and management, collaboration with professional partners. We also organise workshop to share our knowledge.
Phone Please send and e-mail
Expertise Mediawijs and its partners developed a tailormade Impact Wizard for media literacy projects: Betternet Impact Wizard. Discover it by clicking on the link.

a 5 jaar trouwe dienst wuiven we Impact Wizard uit. Vanaf 1 januari 2023 kan je deze tool niet meer gebruiken.

Je was er misschien van in het begin bij, of je bent Impact Wizard gaandeweg beginnen gebruiken. Gewoon om jouw project op te starten of om jouw impactmeting wat richting te geven. Met Impact Wizard kon je de impact van jouw organisatie meten en zichtbaar maken.

Vaarwel Impact Wizard. Welkom Impact Track!

Op 31 december 2022 gaat dit Impact Wizard-platform voorgoed offline. Uiteraard bieden we een alternatief: Impact Track. Deze impacttool heeft veel gemeen met Impact Wizard maar is nog veel gebruiksvriendelijker.

Meer weten over Impact Track? Lees hier meer over Impact Track


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