Coaching en expertise

Je kan Impact Wizard volledig zelfstandig doorlopen. Je vult de vragen dan zelf in, of in overleg met stakeholders. Maar misschien heb je liever dat iemand extern je impactevaluatie (even) in goede banen leidt. Of je zoekt iemand met specifieke expertise voor bijvoorbeeld het verzamelen of analyseren van impactdata.

Bekijk welk profiel past bij jouw vraag en neem gerust contact op met deze coaches en organisaties. Ze volgden een opleiding rond impactevaluatie bij de Sociale InnovatieFabriek.

Een aantal van deze coaches of organisaties kan je ook een abonnement op Impact Wizard bezorgen, zodat je Impact Wizard kan blijven gebruiken na de gratis proefperiode.

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Nele Smets
Phone +32 (0)473 38 11 03
Expertise Tweeperenboom coaches organizations confronted with change and complex challenges. Making, measuring and communicating impact are often part of the journey. Nele supported several projects starting from a impact measurement question : Joker Travel Agency, PopPunt and others. She has a pragmatic and flexible approach, with a focus on competency building.
Corina Dhaene
Phone +32 (0)15 34 88 84
Expertise We have more than 20 years of experience training and coaching organisations in their evaluation processes. We mainly work for NGOs in development, social organisations and government on a local, regional and national level.
Jan Janssen
Phone +32 (0)494 18 02 87
Expertise CO2logic experts propose the most adequate entry-point (carbon footprint, LCA, PEF, OEF,...) to make sure you have the accurate data to fill in, the essential intel to improve and credible figures to act & report. Since 2009 Jan has helped to shape CO2logic and gained extended knowledge in all domains of our core activities.
Eveline Durinck
Phone +32 (0)2 300 85 12
Expertise Eveline works at IDEA Consult since 2008 and specializes in impact measurements and evaluations.Eveline has mapped the social, economic and scientific impact of several Belgian and European innovative organisations and projects, such as the Interreg Project 'Food2Market', the SME support measures under the EU Framework Programmes, and the contribution of the EU Framework Programmes to the development of Human Research Capacity.
Hade Bamps
Phone +32 (0)472 27 64 33
Expertise Complex questions cannot be answered from only one perspective, role or position. We bring together diverse stakeholders and involved parties to identify common interests and work towards a shared goal. This multi-lateral approach with a wide range of stakeholders results in smart, effective solutions.
Lieve Stappers
Phone +32 (0)474 961 474
Expertise Process coaching since 2011 for social profit organisations and profit organisations for more social impact.
Edith Kroese
Phone +31 (0)20 625 60 76
Expertise The Dutch impact consulting firm Avance started in 2002, had a lot of assignments since the start, and still counting. From the start-up of an impactful program, until support of impact-driven change management: Avance offers several impact-related services, for several clients, like impact funds, philanthropic funds, social entrepreneurs.
Marijke Cornelis
Phone +32 (0)479 78 60 20
Expertise Process coaching for the development of an impact assessment. Qualitative research, with a specific focus on diversity and diversity policy.
Pieter Jansen
Phone +32 (0)483 52 34 38
Expertise Our USP is a data-driven approach to building a happier and more performant workforce, helping to make HR Dashboards and providing predictive people analytics solutions. Hipo provided data-coaching for several organisations in the data analysis of their impact assessment: data collection, processing and communication.
Randy Mellaerts
Phone +32 (0)478 76 05 35
Expertise Alliance Management for Pharmaceutical- and Food Industry. Collective Impact Creation. Social Return On Investment Practitioner. National and International Grant Applications.
Annick Gommers
Phone +32 (0)485 49 28 29
Expertise We are experienced in impact evaluation methods (outcome mapping, outcome harvesting, case study research, contribution analysis ...) and associated data collection techniques (interviews, focus groups, surveys, ...). Impact evaluation may lead to increasing the impact and thus achieving the SDG's!
Isabelle De Voldere
Phone +32 (0)2 300 85 04
Expertise Isabelle is team leader and expert at IDEA Consult. In the past years, she has mapped the multidimensional economic, scientific/technological, catalytic and societal - impact of several international and Flemish organisations on the regional economy (e.g. for imec, VITO and Holst Centre, Tomorrowland, the Social Innovation Factory, the Flemish Broadcasting Service VRT and three city festivals in Ghent)
Marguerite Evenaar
Phone +31 6 109 004 03
Expertise Se.lab develops and stimulates the sector of social enterprises by increasing awareness and knowledge. Se.lab supports social relevant organisations to manage on impact by stimulating impact measurement. Se.lab also stimulates the cooperation and dialogue between social, private and public domain in order to create an inclusive society.